Dubai Emerging as the Electronic Hub

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Dubai Emerging as the Electronic Hub

In the UAE, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities full of attractions and natural beauty. This city is a preferred choice for tourists and visitors. Each year around 4 million tourists visit Dubai for different purposes. One of the highly common reasons is the availability of electronics at incredibly low prices.

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as the electronic hub in the middle-east Asia. All the top electronic brands have their outlets and display centers in Dubai. There is an extensive variety of all the electronic items. Dubai has an open port policy which means that the electronic items are not taxed. As a result, the electronic items have amazingly low prices.

Due to some mega shopping festivals, the prices of the electronics are further reduced to attract a large number of buyers. One of the noticeable festivals is the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) where the prices of the electronics are reduced to a negligible level. In this whole month long festival, besides just the sale of electronics, some discussion sessions are also arranged. There is also some entertainment shows happening in this festival along with concerts. In this festival, you can easily get your favorite electronics at very low prices.

If you miss the festival and want to buy electronics at reasonable prices, you should visit Al Faridi Street in Bur Dubai. You will find some of finest electronics from this place at affordable prices. However, don’t forget to ask for international warranty when you purchase electronics from this place.

Dubai is being termed as the house of electronics. In almost every shopping mall, there are electronic shops having an extensive variety of electronic items. You can easily find computers, laptops, home theatre systems, phones, smart devices, TVs, home appliances, and many others. You can take these items to your own country if you don’t belong to or live in Dubai. However, you may have to pay some freight charges and customs duties depending on the policies and rules of your country. One thing is for sure that the quality of electronics is superior which you can rarely find in other parts of the world.

Besides just shopping for electronics, you should visit Dubai in order to enjoy your time with your family and make evergreen memories.